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E3 Magnetic Energy Insoles

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Discover Better Living through Physics
The Power behind the Sole

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E3 Insoles use an innovative patented design for maximum effectiveness.

Our Magnetic Gel Technology is a revolutionary new way of aligning the magnets so that you get an overlapping magnetic field covering the entire sole of the foot. 

Make every step count with E3 Magnetic Energy Insoles featuring Magnetic Gel Technology. Dozens of safe and effective magnets have been shown to balance your body's natural electromagnetic levels, which can lead to better endurance, superior balance and increased flexibility. They're easily trimmed to any shoe size using pre-marked guides. And they're slim and lightweight enough to fit in any shoe. When your working out or spending a lot of time on your feet, you'll get more impact out of each step with E3 Magnetic Energy Insoles.

Our revolutionary magnet alignment process provides overlapping magnetic fields for complete coverage of your foot pad.Each E3 Magnetic Energy Insole is made with powerful rare earth magnets embedded into the insole at angles that cause overlapping magnetic fields. That means your entire insole gets complete and effective coverage. And with more than 70,000 endings in each foot, that adds up to great benefits.

A faster operating system means better function. E3 Magnetic Energy Insoles give greater endurance, increased flexibility, better coordination and superior balance. The benefits are the same whether youre an elite endurance athlete or a weekend warrior who wants to go a little farther or get a little faster. Were giving you a competitive edge, so go ahead and take it!

The worlds biggest energy shortage is inside ourselves. Every day, we are bombarded with invisible energy bandits radio waves, micro-waves, wireless networks, fluorescent lighting and other common conveniences of modern life. These technologies disrupt the amount of natural energy we receive from the Earths magnetic field. We can replenish the bodys balance of healthy energy by putting ourselves back in touch with natural forces.

Were using physics to heal the body instead of chemistry. E3 Magnetic Energy Insoles are a drug-free, non-invasive way to have vibrational energy. The heating effect of the magnetic field increases the Vibrational Energy.

  • Enhanced Neuralgic Speed
  • Faster Operating System
  • Superior Balance
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Greater Endurance
  • Enhanced Body Strength
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Reduced Healing Times
  • Improved Enzymatic Activity
  • Greater Bio-Photonic Emission
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    Rating Myomassologist
    These inserts are AWESOME! I have had leg and foot cramps for 40 years from type 1 diabetes. They went away when I started wearing my E3 Magnetic Energy Inserts. I wear them all of the time, no matter which pair of shoes I have on. They are just amazing!
      Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 5/3/2012
    Rating Script Supervisor - TV and Film
    I work very long hours standing and walking alot...mainly on hard cement floors. The insoles made a remarkable difference! At the end of a long day, my feet do not feel swollen and they feel less achy. My calves/les also feel less tired. These insoles are amazing and worth every penny!!!
      Reviewed by:   from Chicgo, Illiniois. on 3/25/2012
    Rating 69+ years young!
    I LOVE my E3 Magnetic Energy Insoles. Am constantly on the go with 3 big dogs to walk and a spouse who is undergoing Chemo Therapy to care for. I was really struggling to keep up with everything. After about 2 weeks of using the insoles (had to limit the hours worn in the very beginning), I have an increased energy level and less lower back discomfort. I am VERY pleased.
      Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 3/8/2012
    Rating 67, Musician
    "My feet no longer swell after up to 10 hrs of playing a gig and I have more energy. Energy is what I need after long hours of on stage and I travel internationally. And, aches and pains I have are now alleviated with the E3 insoles"
      Reviewed by:   from Lindenhurst, IL. on 3/7/2012
    Rating 38, Carpenter
    "The first thing I noticed after wearing the E3 insoles is that my right foot was swollen. I was unaware of this until I tried the insoles - the next day I had to adjust my boots tightening my laces. After a period of time I noticed that I had to adjust both boots by tightening the laces again not realizing that both my feet and legs were swollen. I work as a carpenter so I am on my feet all day. My energy has increased and I feel great."
      Reviewed by:   from Chicago, IL. on 3/7/2012
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