for our children, for our future

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Fundraising (download intro)

Shift2Green fundraisers offer a variety of inspirational, motivational and sustainable products that can help you live healthier, protect the environment and help you on your journey to a healthier, greener, and more sustainable lifestyle. 

Shift2Green fundraisers help you raise money, cultivate innovation and learning, and discover the science and stories behind them. A percentage of every purchase goes back to your organization supporting your special programs. And, as a socially responsible company, we donate an additional percentage to support organizations diligently working to make our world a better place.

Taking small steps to incorporate healthy and eco-friendly options into your life will reduce your impact on the earth and improve the quality of your life.

We're all connected and  working together,
we can make a difference!

Source:Playing for Change - Peace through Music.

So remember, every time you make a purchase
you're casting a vote for change.

Enroll now to become a Shift2Green member, make a difference, help raise much needed funds for your organization and contribute to worthy causes. Get inspired by the passionate businesses and individuals embracing sustainability to provide better value, better products, and a better world. It's part of their DNA, and now it can be yours too.

Free - Easy - Fun

Shop now and let the fund raising begin!

for our children, for our future

To find out more how you can contribute to the emerging economy through our Shift2Green fund raising programs, please contact us at 773-800-9174 or email us at

Vendor inquiries welcome.  If you have a product or service you would like to distribute through Shift2Green, contact us.