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Octopus Light Vehicle Emergency Kit
Great for cars, trucks, boats!

Octopus Light Vehicle Emergency Kit

Part Number W111
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Octopus Warning Light Emergency Kit

Magnetically attaches to cars, trucks, diving tanks, fences. The possibilities are limitless!

  •  3 way recharge – AC, DC, USB. Charge from your cigarette lighter, any power source outlet, or, USB port from any computer.
  •  Five colors: Red, Green, White, Blue & Yellow
  •  9 different light flashing patterns rotate: Quad–Flash Single–Blink Alternate-SOS Rescue (Morse Code) - Solid–On High Solid–On Low 2 LED Flashlight - 4 LED Illuminate
  •  Lasts 5-70 hours based on flashing pattern selected. Rotate=10 hrs., Quad Flash=20 hrs., Single Blink=60 hrs., Alternate=10 hrs., SOS Rescue/Morse Code = 12 hrs., Sold-On High = 5 hrs., Solid-On Low = 30 hrs., 2 LED Flashlight = 10 hrs., 4 LED Illuminate = 5 hrs.
  •  Recharge up to 1000 times.
  •  Easy to use! Press the button located on the face of the light, directly above the metal circle, to cycle through its nine flash/lighting functions. Press the button in 2 seconds, the light goes off, press again, the light returns to its last pattern.
  •  Super secure and safe—enables vehicles to be seen up to a half-mile away-even if the vehicle battery is dead
  •  Magnetically attaches to cars, trucks, diving tanks, fences.
  •  Super high strength plastic is crushproof
  •  Operates in temperatures from -40C to + 60C and 100m underwater
  •  Waterproof & Floats
  •  Safe to use in many HAZMAT situations
  •  Size: Diameter 10.8cm, height 3.5cm
  •  Weight: 290g
  •  LED: 16pcs
  •  LI (lithium ion) (10 year) battery with capacity: 700mAH/3.7V
  •  Rechargeable 3 ways: AC charger, DC (car charger) & USB
  •  Charging time: 4-5hours
  •  Lasting Times
  •  90 Day Warranty
What can you DO with it?
  •  Place in a car to use as flasher when electric system isn’t working
  •  Magnetically attaches to cars, trucks, diving tanks, fences…the possibilities are practically limitless
  • Attach to kids bicycles
  •  Carry when walking dogs
  •  Float in pool or hot tub
  •  Hang from camper/porch
  •  Attach to mailbox to show where the “party” is
  •  Keep in boat for emergencies
  •  Attach to diving tank (goes to 300 feet)
  •  Use for marketing to get attention
  •  Use as eco-friendly rechargeable flare
  •  Special bracket available for logging industry to attach the light to the end of a load
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